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Aluminum profile.jpg

      Although the extrusions have been cooled, they are not sufficiently cooled to be fully processed. For further cooling room, where they remain until they reach room temperature. 

     During the extrusion process, the profile's natural twisting and curving must be corrected by stretching. The process requires that both ends of the extrusion be tightly gripped and pulled until it is straight and meets design specifications.

      The table-length extrusion that has been cooled, stretched, and hardened is ready to be trimmed ad cut into usable lengths, normally eight to twelve feet. At the point of finishing, the extrusions match the necessary tolerance of their design and are sufficiently tempered.

     The hydraulic ram of an extruder can apply 15000 tons of pressure as it slowly moves the billet toward the die. During the movement of the ram, pressure builds as the softened billet expands to fill the walls of the extruder.

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